Why Prefer WordPress Website Development Over Others?

Are you an Entrepreneur or Small business owner, wanted to build your website but had a limited budget for it? Then CMS platforms are good for you, Yes I am talking about WordPress website development services. WordPress powers 35% of the web, from a simple blog to biggest news sites online. So, if you are looking for website development then hire a WordPress developer and get your first website live. You got an amazing looking, responsive and mobile-friendly website with all the features you needed under $300. Isn’t that great?

Why WordPress Website Development is in Demand?

WordPress is a great CMS platform for building websites, as you read above its trusted by 35% of website owners worldwide. There are several benefits of using WordPress for website development. Though there are a lot of rumours and misconceptions about WordPress, it is still loved by millions of website owners and users across the globe. TechCrunch, BBC America, Bloomberg Professional, Sony Music are some of the big brands are using WordPress on their websites.

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Reasons for Choosing WordPress Over Other Platforms:-

Here are 8 reasons that prove why preferring WordPress for your website over other platforms is right for your business?

  #1 Free to Use –

WordPress is open source software and it comes for free for everyone. Anyone can download it and start building their website or blogs easily. There is no need to pay any license fees for using WordPress. If you’re a young start-up looking for an online presence or you are a small business owner who has a tight budget for website development then you can go with WordPress website development.

#2 Good for Beginners –

Website design and development is a complex process and when you want some changes in your current website then it again requires money. Overall website development is an expensive task, right!

Start with WordPress, the right solution for those who want to customize or manage their website on their own. WordPress requires zero technical expertise and experience. It’s drag and drops features and flexible CMS makes it easy to use by a beginner and non-techie guy. But if you still need help in customization of themes and plugins then its good for you to hire a WordPress developer.

#3 Free Themes –

WordPress is not only for blogging, but you can also make all types of highly functional websites with it. WordPress has plenty of themes that are available for free. Whatever is your requirement, You can make all types of websites as eCommerce, News Portal, Blogs, and Business websites in any designs or styles. Most themes are free but some are paid but don’t worry again they are starting from $29 to $97 only. Choose your desired theme and start building your online presence. 

#4 Free Plugins –

If you want to add the desired functionality to your web store, you can install plugins for building your website to perfection. WordPress has a list of free plugins that would help you to build your website. Also if you are looking for some advanced plugins they are available in paid version at reliable cost. Check out the WordPress plugin database for the plugins and install them as per your requirement.

#5 Huge Community –

WordPress has a support forum and a huge community of developers who can provide support when you’re stuck if anything wrong? Also, if you get hacked then don’t worry their helpful resources can solve your all queries of Common WordPress Errors, Login Trouble, Debugging in WordPress, Troubleshooting, Support Forums. 

They have a bunch of highly Passionate and knowledgeable people such as designers, developers, testers, and others who can guide you with WordPress website development if you had to face any problems during development. 

#6 SEO Friendly –

WordPress is Search engine friendly which means your website would rank higher in Google and other search engines and your content will easily index in their database. Some free SEO Plugins like- Yoast SEO, RankMath are also available to minimize your SEO efforts.

#7 Security –

WordPress is a highly secure platform for building websites which is not easily hacked or get brute force login. But the best practice is don’t open yourself up for vulnerabilities always use certificates and secure your website with security plugins like –Sucuri Security and Wordfence Security great option for creating highly secure WordPress website.


WordPress is a great website development tool that can be customized easily without any limitations. If you are a techie or non-techie guy WordPress is quite easy for both of you. If you don’t want to do it yourself or you need advanced features then you can hire an experienced WordPress developer company and discuss your requirements with them to get your website live. 

Final Thoughts 

WordPress is surely a great platform for start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses. It is a great CMS platform that can build fast loading and user-friendly websites. If you’re looking for the best solution to make your business grow, you need the best agency to work with, Introducing Digital Abbot, a team of highly experienced tech professionals, that worked out of the box and come up with unique solutions to make your business grow always in a pocket-friendly budget. So, what are you waiting for? Hire Digital Abbot the leading WordPress development company in India, Now.

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